Meet Dr. Jake Pranckun

On Being a Dentist

I love working with my hands, solving problems, and fixing things that are broken. Being a dentist means I do that every day. I am fulfilled when I’m able to help a patient get out of pain quickly, transform a smile, or restore the ability to chew comfortably.

I am getting to know and building relationships with those we serve. I love when a patient feels comfortable enough with me to give me a hard time.

Education and Continuing Education

I am a dental nerd, so I’m constantly reading online dental forums, discussing cases, and learning from and with my peers. I’m also an active member of the Frank Spear Study Club and enjoy the challenges of those rigorous courses.

I love learning about new technologies and approaches to treatment. With our ever-advancing knowledge, I’m able to provide even stronger results for my patients, in the most comfortable manner.

Personal Life

I’m originally from Lancaster, PA, and now live in Gap.  I enjoy anything with a motor especially Mustangs and dirt bikes.  My sons Hollis and Brantley share  in my enjoyment of gasoline and rubber.  My daughters Shelby and Ella are a bit more reserved but round us out nicely. We love being outside whether it's on the river or in the woods.