Why Use Us For Your Implant

A service we are most proud of is dental implants.  Years ago patients had to leave the office and travel as far as Harrisburg to have an implant placed.  This led to multiple follow ups before returning to us for two visits to get the crown.  This was a significant investment in both time and cost which would often lead to a patient selecting an alternative treatment, even if they desired a dental implant.  This led the doctors at Cocalico Dental to not only place the implant, but the crown on top of the implant.  Having one doctor and one office take you from the implant placement to the implant crown has several advantages:

  • Fewer and more streamlined visits.  
  • No need to travel to other offices
  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Seeing the same team members each visit

Our goal at Cocalico Dental is to ensure that a dental implant is as affordable an option as a conventional "bridge" to replace a single tooth.  At many other offices this procedure could cost up to double the cost of a bridge.  We have intentionally priced our implants as one of the lowest in the area just to ensure it's an affordable option to replace a tooth or support a denture because we believe in many situations it is the best option!  If you would like to see if a dental implant is a viable option for you please call our practice for a free consultation!